Capuchins issue report on sexual abuse by friars

News reports on Capuchin audit:

Capuchins protected sex abusers for years, self audit reveals

Capuchins admit mishandling Wisconsin sex abuse claims in new audit

Capuchins admit to mishandling sex abuse claims

Capuchins release audit revealing decades of sexual abuse

NYT-Audit finds sexual abuse was topic decades ago

Catholic religious order opens abuse files

SNAP responds to reports of sexual assault by Capuchins

Report documents eight decades of Capuchins poor handling of sex abuse claims


 SNAP Wisconsin Statement-Capuchin report: 46 friars alleged to have assaulted children, 23 named

Capuchin Audit Report

Capuchin Report Executive Summary

Capuchin Statement on the Public Release of Names of Friars with Confirmed Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Additional Reports:

2004 Report: St. Lawrence Seminary, Capuchin sex offenders, court documents, victim testimony

2004 REPORT: Saint Lawrence Seminary, Capuchin sex offenders, court documents, victim testimony

The Sexual Abuse of Children in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

The following narrative is section three of a 2004 report submitted for mediation between
victims of clergy child sex offenders of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. The full report as well as
live links to the court documents and depositions used in this report can be found at the online
archive ad this link:

Dennis Druggan
Capuchin religious order says priest in charge of Wisconsin high school seminary committed sexual assaults against minors
President and Rector of St. Lawrence Seminary High School being investigated for sex assault of minor in Montana
Matthew Gottschalk
Milwaukee Capuchin priest "retired" from ministry was accused of criminal act according to District Attorney
Mt. Calvary priest removed amid abuse allegations
Fr. Matthew Gottschalk retires
House of Peace Co-Founder Retires
St. Lawrence Seminary
St. Lawrence High School Seminary
   Capuchin Friars (Province of St. Joseph) 
   Mount Calvary WI 53057
      • Fr. James Buser OFM Cap
      • Br. Thomas Gardipee OFM Cap
      • Fr. Clarence Francis (“Jude”) Hahn OFM Cap
      • Fr. James LaReau OFM Cap
      • Fr. Gale Leifeld OFM Cap

Milwaukee WI • 8 Men Tell of Sex Abuse by Friars, by Marie Rohde, Milwaukee Journal (12/20/92)
• Over and Over: He Recalls at Least 50 Sex Episodes, by Marie Rohde, Milwaukee Journal (12/20/92)
• Leader Says Victims Will Get Help, Milwaukee Journal (12/20/92)
• Seminary Chief Says He's Heartsick, by Mary Beth Murphy, Milwaukee Sentinel (12/24/92)
• Athletic Director, Former Worker Charged in Student-Abuse Case, Associated Press (1/6/93)
• Capuchin Cleared of Sex Assault, by Mary Beth Murphy, Milwaukee Sentinel (3/20/93)
• Investigation Finds Sexual Abuse at Seminary, by Lori McGinnis, United Press International (5/27/93)
• Former Student Sues St. Lawrence Prep School, by Marie Rohde, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (7/29/93)
• Capuchin Brother's Sex Case Dropped, Chicago Tribune (10/1/93)
• Priest Admits Abuse, Wisconsin State Journal (2/19/94)
• Ex-Pupil Testifies of Abuse by Priests Memory Repressed, Man Tells Jurors, by Jim Schaefer, Detroit Free Press (2/14/95)
• Jury Rejects Sex Abuse Suit against Capuchin Priests, by Jim Schaefer, Detroit Free Press (3/29/95)
• Church Reacted Slowly to Abuse Case: Despite Reports of Sexual Contact, Capuchin Leaders Kept Priest in Post at Seminary for a Decade, by Marie Rohde and Tom Kertscher, Journal Sentinel Online (4/19/02)
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